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released January 10, 2017



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KING ROPES Bozeman, montana

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Track Name: Dogleg Boy
He's not some bag of stone He's a kicking horse He's your flesh and bone He's the wild wild river running through your veins You thought you did but you don't know his name Dogleg boy lost himself in the woods sunday afternoon Wildchild said it's come much too soon He needs all that room to howl at the moon I made you laugh 'til I made you cry We watched babies dance and birds fall down dead from the sky We found almost heaven in those mountains up so high and when you left man there was nothing we could do but just try Just keep on trying
Track Name: Lurch on Sister
I know you don't like me I don't like you too I don't like you too You say you feel my pain I don't believe it's true I don't believe it's true It hits you hard it holds you down it sucks the air right out your lungs You try to hold on man you try to hold but there's nothing you can do no there's nothing to hold on to You try to hold on you try to hold on but there's nothing you can do no no there's nothing you can do about it Lurch on sister find yourself a heart beats bright and true Lurch on sister you don't have to rub salt in your wounds In your wouunds Mostly all that's left is skulls and wings plastic bottles tangled string Mostly all that's left is skulls and wings all the softer stuff gets eaten
Track Name: Long Lost Boy
I's eleven years old and went looking for trouble A frying pan lid in both of my hands Dodging rock hard insults but they couldn't touch me I's the long lost boy and the never never man I smacked em down with my walmart shovel One boy stood there while the rest of em ran I flipped him up and over like a flapjack on a griddle I's the long lost boy and the never never man the long lost boy he's a pretty tough cookie with his tombstone bible and his sledgehammer hands He'll knock you down in a minute if you cross him and leave you lying with the never never man He was up in the night with a fever and an earache crying hold me dad don't you leave me alone She was sleeping right here till I drifted and she ran off with the long lost boy and the never never man
Track Name: She Says / Come On
She says come on please put me down I'm floating ten feet above the ground I see myself down there turning blue I messed up bad and you did too Come on please put me down I got half way across the yard the neighbor's dog he bit me hard he tore my pants broke the skin just as I hit the fence I turned around and climbed back in I'm falling down and it's a long way down it feels like I'm flying I'm trying not to hit the ground I'm falling down I know this world it got right under your skin you told me over and over and over again the drugs and the money the stupid things you do don't make you feel like you want em to come on just put em down
Track Name: International Shortwave
We put him in a small pine box a little pine box that we knew could never hold him One pine box made by hand could never hope to hold the life of one man International shortwave flashing neon green and blue Sign says truckers always welcome bikers too Cowboy church on wednesdays in the church behind the bar Bottomless cup of coffee and salvation's not so far She says it's already broken let's put it back together better than before She says it's already broken let's put it back together better than before I climbed up from the valley above the treeline I could see for miles and miles I climbed above the rabble above the treeline I could see for miles and miles
Track Name: Shovel and a Pickaxe
I've got a shovel and I've got a pickaxe I'm standing here digging this hole in the ground I might take something out I might leave something in there it just keeps getting bigger as I work my way down A three pound hammer and cold chisel can't chase off these demons that's running around in my head It ain't always working but I won't give up trying though my head's made of rubber and my feet's made of lead Well she looks out the window but she can't see the farmer When you're driving the combine get off the damn phone After all these years she takes now to run off just hoping that the circus might feel more like home What started out raining is now snowing down sideways as it spits in our faces and we head for the trees If you asked me to leave I might walk away with you though it feels like I'm losing my grip by degrees
Track Name: Mandolins and Gasoline
It nestles right next to my heart And it rings like a mandolin It shines like silver It shines like gold And it burns like gasoline How'd you get so damn smart at such an early age Are you some kind of prophet or prodigy or a freakin' underage sage This thing that you gave to me It brought me right down to my knees It soothes me like water and stings like hell and it's hard to distinguish between these
Track Name: Low Over Cheyenne
The sky hangs low over Cheyenne like a threat We could sure use the water The roughnecks got no use for bikers or the cowboys and the tourists don't do nothing for no-one Talk talk talking about that orange El Camino jacked up on monster tires like a dream Parked there on the corner of North 10th and Roebling a magic carpet sent to save us from ourselves All my little hopes and dreams they're right here at my door I won't chase em off no more We busted out of Livingston trying to beat the weather The wind it damn near blew us off the road The Paradise Valley pithing hellfire and damnation We're laughing and joking as we go All my little hopes and dreams they're banging on my door now I won't mess em up no more
Track Name: She's a Runner
She's a runner a rider a flyer But she's ain't running no more Rubber tires come lay beside her She lights a fire on the floor Black eyes and muay thai and all bad religion have got her kicking down doors The dogs are running the streets down below her but she don't care anymore The things we had the things we lost we'll just get us some more Some things you try to but you just can't change them Some things don't matter no more Some things'll cut you so deep like to kill you then they'll cut you some more
Track Name: Rocks in Little Crevices
Rocks roll down and wedge in little crevices A thing's not true just because you say it is Knives and guns and sticks and stones Cuts and bruises and broken bones Shit like that is all she's ever known She tried to do the best she could Her best was never very good Hard as stone and sharp as broken glass I've made you laugh I've made you cry We've watched your dog fly through the sky I've seen you light your goddamned hair on fire